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Meet European Master
Izabela Lachowicz
European Master, Izabela Lachowicz originates from Poland and has lived in the United States since 2017. Ever since she was little, Isabela had alway dreamed of studying in Beauty School.  

However, her life and career took her on a much different path and it wasn't until 2009 with the success of her joint construction venture with her husband that Izabela was finally able solely focus on her life-long dream. 

Izabela opened her own spa, and in her free time she continued her adventure with beauty trainings. She’s completed trainings in permanent makeup in several different schools—all in Poland and the Ukraine.

In 2016, Izabela found herself eager for change and decided to travel to the United States to investigate the beauty industry. 

Upon visiting, she was surprised to learn how behind the US beauty market was compared to that of European. 

Izabela recognized the opportunity to bring the methods she had learned in Europe and teach people in the US how to achieve permanent makeup results that were beautiful yet natural looking with techniques the US had never seen before. 

In 2017, Izabela and her family moved to the US. She attained her Estheticians License in the State of Florida and pursued and achieved her licensing as a tattoo artist and reached her cosmetology certification as a Full Specialist. Shortly after, she decided to use the skills and knowledge from the past 10 years of work to create NanoGlow Academy—an Academy that brings the most current solutions, from Europe, for brows and other areas, that not only last longer than microblading, but won't compromise the integrity of the client's skin 
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